Portfolio Details

This is a list of portfolio companies where investments process has been completed. Experts from Vertexperts try and spend atleast 10 hours / month with each of the portfolio companies to try and Nurture them.
There is no operational involvement. However, sufficient time is spent on key aspects like finance, marketing, product / service innovation & the processes that allow an individual portfolio company to scale.

Outside of this list, there are few investments either in "progress" or "flying under the radar"....

    Axon Networks is a Remote Infrastructure Management company based out of Bangalore, India. They offer 24x7 infrastructure management services both onsite & in remote model. Axon has it's own set of "RIM in a box" toolkit for providing services under the ITIL framework. They have local presence in most Indian cities and provide offshore services to a host of companies across the world.
Key Value differentiating factors are
  • 24x7 Coverage across Infrastructure layer ie. Server, Desktops, Network and outsourced (on the Cloud / SaaS services). This includes specialty areas like Linux hardening, Virtualization, High availability and DR architecture, VOIP integration etc.
  • Quick on the field local response team while delivering high expertise from a Central Response Team
  • All services delivered through an inhouse "RIM in a Box" model which includes as host of tools that are normally deployed at customer sites
  • DBA and Managed Application Services as part of an overall SLA for up-time
  • A specific group "OraDesk" that is focused on enabling Oracle customers on the cloud & mobility

    Discovery Kids - ScienceAdda has an experiential Science learning model / methodology that is mobile, curated and thematic.

These experiences allow children to relate what they learn at school (curriculum) to real-life applications. Being thematic, ScienceAdda curators (storytellers) cover one topic or theme (eg Sound, Light, Water etc) over a 90 minute period at schools and apartments across the country.

ScienceAdda is gaining tremendous respect for raising the curiosity levels of individuals and enabling touch-&-feel exploration while having fun.

    Valgen is Chennai based SaaS provider of ERP solutions to the SME market. They have a customizable set of screens that individual business managers / key personnel use to "drive" their businesses. The key features of the solution are
  • India market based and hence will integrate with most existing applications (eg.Tally).
  • Will provide user defined escalations for quick action via Mobile / SMS, Emails etc
  • Pre-defined integrations to OEM format of ERP integration (SAP, Oracle etc)
  • Implement-as-you-go methodology for quick startup and lower costs

    GreencubeGlobal is a Singapore & Mumbai based company that is a specialist in Hyperion & OBIEE. It is a business consulting and training firm specializing in implementing Hyperion’s BPM solution. They are renowned for their expertise in Global Consolidation Reporting & Revenue reporting for Energy enterprises.
  • Pull together an integrated Enterprise Planning & Performance management structure
  • Translate strategies into plans,monitor execution & provide insight to improve financial and operational performance.
  • Deploy OBIEE as an enterprise reporting platform while retaining their investments in Hyperion for consolidation & analysis
GreencubeGlobal is also an authorized training partner for Hyperion products.

    IndianMoney.com is a leading "lead generator" for all kinds of financial products in the Indian market. The services they provide are
  • Qualified customer leads for corporates & individual financial agents
  • Free financial advise encompassing Insurance products, Loans, Broking accounts, Deposits etc.
  • Customer representative services (working on behalf of the customer) on a non-partisan / no-charge basis.
IndianMoney.com DOES NOT sell financial products or promote a particular financial agency. They make NO COMMISSIONS from selling financial products / promoting particular products

     Triumph is India's largest "SmartContent" company. They offer content strategy, creation, upkeep and delivery services across the world.
  • Largest company offering Tech-Comm services in India
  • Trained to translate technical documentation as required by the target group
  • Specialist in Information Life Cycle Management with offices in India, China, Canada and USA
  • Compliant to International Standards: ISO 27001: Security & ISO 18019: Documentation
  • Ability to ramp up a specialist team with an in-house university
  • Constantly research and test concepts ensuring the latest and best methods are used
  • Experience in using multiple tools across multiple platforms
  • Time zone advantage to literally run a 24/7 continuous production environment
 CollateBox is going to be a magical way for you to organize data.
  • Easier than Excel
  • Better than GoogleDocs
  • As powerful as an online DB

We guarantee, it is going to revolutionize the way you work with data ie. COLLECT, SHARE and ACT on data.

  Ornext is focused on enterprises and answers the crucial question "whats next for the Oracle User World ?"
  • Powerful toolkits for rapid deployment of enterprise mobility solutions
  • Fusion middleware and use of Open Systems in the Oracle environment
  • Migration from Oracle to MySQL and cloud solutions on AWS / OpenCloud environments like NoSQL


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