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Ravindra Krishnappa @ TiE Eduction Entrepreneurship Summit 2016

posted Aug 2, 2016, 10:13 PM by Samarth Homey

Ravindra Krishnappa speaking on " In the education sector is there going to be a unicorn out of India" 

Join us for a session by our founder Ravindra Krishnappa.

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Chai @ IAN

Angel Investment in the Social Impact space

12th December 2014, Bangalore

Entrepreneurs and innovators need to be encouraged to build more and more ventures in the social impact space and address issues and gaps that would aim to solve some of India’s social and environmental challenges, and provide affordable solutions to the underserved population, for example in sectors such as health, education, energy, water and sanitation. For the ventures to be successful, we will need to make them sustainable by way of putting together a “for profit” model, whereby the operations can be run smoothly and entrepreneurs, periodically, do not have to look over their shoulders for financial support. Angel investment in the social impact ventures can create this huge difference. In this session entrepreneurs in the social impact space will get an insight into the various aspects of angel funding in the social impact space.



12th December 2014


Global Incubation Services,
Board Room, 3rd floor,
Behind Leela Palace Hotel,
Off Old Airport road, Kodihally,
Bangalore - 560008


2.00pm  - 2.15 pm: Registrations
2.15 pm - 2.30 pm: Introductions to IAN 
2.30 pm - 3.15 pm: Session by Ravindra Krishnappa
3.15 pm - 3.30 pm: Q&A 
3.30 pm - 4.00 pm: Networking over tea/ coffee


Limited seats, on first come first serve basis

Entry Fee: Rs. 500/-

For more information, talk to :

Stanley on 91-9810658434. or write to



Ravindra Krishnappa

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With over 22 years of professional working experience, Ravi comes with a diverse profile & a broad skill-set. While he holds a degree in Mechanical Engineering, over time, he has worked in consulting roles across industry verticals. 



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Our Founder Ravindra Krishnappa at E-tailing , Omini-Tech Summit

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Panel Discussion on Funding:

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Technology Driven Marketing:

Technology Driven Marketing

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